The story behind BraJeans.

Let's go back to the days when I used to work over 16 hours at a company. I couldn't take it anymore after weeks of sitting for 16 hours a day at my accounting firm. I grabbed a pair of office scissors, went into the bathroom, and cut two big holes behind the back pocket area of my jeans.

The relief I felt that day made me realize how tight my jeans were and how much discomfort my body had been putting up with. The size fit me, but my butt never felt like it could breathe. The idea for a new kind of jeans was born.


After cutting out the inside fabric, I couldn't keep my phone or anything else in my back pocket. So I started to add mesh or sticking fabric, but it was pretty weak and, more importantly, didn't add any lift to my butt! Finally, I landed on yoga pant fabric. Stretchy, expandable, and very comfortable, it made my butt look extraordinary. Precisely what we deserve.

I had been adding waist strings to every pair of pants I'd bought for years and thought other women might need this too! An added feature to reduce the gap that most pants have in the hip area.


Also, designing an entirely new jeans pattern wasn't easy, but the inspiration came from a Bra. Oh my goodness! We're all shaped differently, but one thing is for sure, we shouldn't have to fit into our jeans; they should mold to our bodies. The #BraJeans pattern was born, reducing fabric in just the right areas to combat the gap and baggy thigh problem of jeans that fit right at the hip. The fantastic thing about this was that I reduced the fabric under the butt area to prevent jeans sliding down when we walk or run.

Combining these three unique features, the BraJeans was finally ready to be tested by women of diverse shapes and sizes. They all confirmed that they'd never experienced a fit quite like this one. I am always excited to see the surprised and satisfied look on customers' faces when they realize their jeans fit perfectly.


I'm now working on developing jeans that combat chub rub. On average, American women buy seven pairs of jeans every year. How many do we throw away because they tear in the thigh area? Solving this problem will increase our jeans' life and reduce clothing waste that ends up in landfills.

If you have thoughts or ideas about how you want your jeans to be improved, let us know! I am always open to listening to your voice to develop clothing further and improve our lives.